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Hi! My name's Dean Kuhta and I'm the creator, author, and illustrator of Silvarum, a fantasy series that will span eight novels. I've been illustrating and writing Silvarum since 2013.

Like most authors and creators of imaginary worlds, I've literally fallen in love with this cast of characters over the years. The process of pushing each of these weirdos through the realm of Silvarum has very much been like watching them all grow up. I know each of their personalities, flaws, and ticks so well, that at times I feel like I'm simply watching them live their lives in this crazy world and my fingers on the keyboard are the means by which I get to observe them. I bet most creators feel that way! It's been a long and difficult journey of my own to write and illustrate their story, but I've enjoyed every second of it. I hope you will as well.

Perhaps you'll spot a trait in one of Silvarum's many characters that you can relate to. Reading a book isn't just a task to pass the time or to be entertained, but rather, on occasion, a fictional character can handle a situation or a relationship in a way that transcends the written page and imprints a lasting impression on you, the reader.

Thank you so much for checking out my creation: SILVARUM!

Silvarum is © 2017-2023 by Dean Kuhta.