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Why join the Realm of Silvarum?  

Choose a class and immerse yourself in the realm of Silvarum by creating your own character! Take part in quests, solve puzzles, and receive rewards, all set within the familiar world of Silvarum! Search for a lost artifact in a haunted graveyard with Abigail, or fight a dragon with Roger, Marie, and Mckenzie! Gain experience, earn gold, and level up your!

What do you get?      

Your own member page where your profile and stats can be accessed! On your member page you have the ability to change your member avatar, profile banner, and showcase all your quest rewards. As a registered member you're also be able to use the communication channels, such as comments and internal PMs!

LOOT! LOOT! LOOT!       

Earn a copper for each comment you make, loot a chest of gold from a completed quest, or receive an epic item for solving a monthly puzzle! Once you earn enough wealth, you'll have the opportunity to purchase real-world items such as art prints, books, and other unique items from the realm of Silvarum! design and all content is © 2013-2020 by Dean Kuhta.