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Entry 371, April 21, 18:34 - As recorded in journal entries 89 through 90, the WM (edit: Watcher’s Pyramid) has enabled Profs. Multon and Eldridge to successfully transcribe pages 735 through 887 of volume 465-P. This was the volume that was discovered in tomb 87-B on February 11. The resulting incantations, read aloud by myself in burial chamber 41, and observed by Prof. Dwyer, have thereby resulted in the subsequent unlocking of the mysterious mechanism that constrained the runestone on coffin 01. It should be noted that a significant energy phenomenon, in the form of electrostatic discharge, was observed from the remaining seven stones upon removal of the stone 01A.

A technical document discovered in the remains of Merkresh’s workshop.

Entry 372, May 3, 11:22 - With the assistance of Dr. Carrell, I’ve been successful in extracting the remaining seven runestones (02A, 03A, 04A, 05A, 06A, 07A, 08A) from each of their mechanical housings. This was accomplished by the complete transliteration of volume 465-P. Multon and Eldridge have been working straight through the night for the past few days to accomplish this formidable task, and I’m certain that they’re in need of some much-deserved rest. As a matter of fact, I believe they’re both sound asleep in the next tent as I record this journal entry. Another important observation worth documenting is that once all the runestones were removed from their casings, Prof. Dwyer reported that a previously undocumented object had been seen within the southwest district of the city. Furthermore, the object appeared to demonstrate the ability to hover and spin in mid-air. We’re planning to investigate these peculiar mechanics tomorrow once we get more sleep and food.

A page from Dr. Edric Drake’s field notebook. Recovered from Nexxathia.

Entry 373, May 5, 02:59 - The floating structure that was previously mentioned (hereafter referred to as R71-X), was in fact hovering and spinning above the surface of courtyard 17-B in District 13. Its rate of rotation was calculated to be eight r/min. A group of us, which included Profs. Dwyer and Eldridge, Dr. Carterson, and I all observed this curious phenomenon. Contrary to our current understanding of the laws of gravity, R71-X didn’t exhibit the usual characteristics of matter in 3-dimensional space. The object itself is composed of sixteen individual tetrahedrons and 32 triangular faces, 24 edges, and eight vertices. These are characteristics of objects that conform to 4-dimensional geometry, and the group is obviously confused as to how it can exist in our reality of three dimensions. Prof. Eldridge posited that R71-X might be held airborne by an unseen and unheard propulsion system within its interior. Magnetism was another theory considered. Unfortunately, we’re unable to observe with a reliable level of accuracy any such system of propulsion, whether through visual or auditory observations. What we could observe on R71-X, however, were the nine symbols evident on its triangular faces 20 through 29. The symbols, at least eight of them, appear to correlate to the eight symbols carved into each of the runestones found in chamber 41. The ninth symbol on face 29 is yet to be deciphered. It’s been designated as rune 01B. Profs. Multon and Eldridge will continue to analyze it in an effort to understand its meaning and relation to the other eight runestones.

A page from Dr. Edric Drake’s field notebook. Recovered from Nexxathia.

A page from Dr. Edric Drake’s field notebook. Recovered from Nexxathia.

Dr. Edric Drake’s sketch of Nexxathia. Recovered from an alley in District 13.

Dr. Edric Drake’s sketch of District 13.

An unmailed letter to Dr. Huddleston from Dr. Drake. Recovered in Tomb 87A.

A page from Dr. Edric Drake’s field notebook. Recovered from Nexxathia.

Artifact recovered from the streets of Nexxathia. Author unknown.

A page from Magnolia Jinglewort’s journal. Stolen by Gothkar.

An artifact discovered on the side of The Motherwell. Author unknown. design and all content is © 2013-2021 by Dean Kuhta.