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Silvarum is an eight-book fantasy series. It chronicles the story of the Woods family, a multi-generational cast of characters that must save Silvarum from domination by an evil force called the Nexxathians. Each book in the series culminates with the battle against one of the eight rune protectors. For the first installment, the three Woods children, Mckenzie, Roger, and Marie, face off against the dragon, Lord Mortis. Before that climax, however, they endure a multitude of fantastic adventures with their friends and companions. Themes include family dynamics, friendship, first love, loss, and problem solving. Fantasy elements include steampunk, magic, dinosaurs, ghosts, and sarcastic teenagers. Welcome to the realm of Silvarum!

Book I: Frost

Book II: Fire

Book III: Light

Book IV: Shadow

Book V: Technology

Book VI: Nature

Book VII: Life

Book VIII: Death

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